Attribute Wishlist

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This is a grab-bag of things that would be nice to have in Y.Attribute.


  • Value filters. (Detailed proposal here) It would be a huge boon to the security of the library if Attribute supported pluggable filters that could be run when a string value is retrieved. For example, to get a raw value: .get('foo'). To get an HTML-escaped value: .get('foo:html'). To get a URL-encoded value: .get('foo:url').

[sdesai: Potential PR2 candidate. Will put this in the PR2 bucket, since it's an enhancement. For PR1, I wanted to try and get potentially risky changes/fixes in]

  • Coalesced change events. A call to setAttrs() that changes multiple attributes should fire a single coalesced change event in addition to the individual change events. This is currently implemented in Y.Model. Ticket #2530248

[sdesai: Potential 3.6.0 PR1 candidate]

  • Better support for sub-attribute getters. Currently, getters are required to return an entire object even when triggered by a sub-attribute retrieval like .get(''). This is inefficient and can be confusing.

[sdesai: Likely a 3.NEXT, since it works as designed currently. I think re-architecting it is lower priority in the bigger scheme of things, and sub-attribute handling currently goes through a clone (for real reasons) which if anything is the first thing I'd like to clean up for sub-attribute handling]

  • set() and setAttr() should support an options object. The internal _setAttr() method supports an options object as its third parameter, and mixes it into the event facade of the change event. This is very useful (it's used in Model and ModelList), but the public set() and setAttrs() methods don't currently support the options param.

[sdesai: Potential 3.6.0 PR1 candidate]

  • Unravel the value vs. valueFn conflict. If an attribute is defined with a valueFn, but an implementer provides a value when instantiating the class, the value is ignored and the valueFn wins. This tends to confuse people, so we should consider making this behavior more intuitive, or at least documenting the hell out of it.

[sdesai: Potential 3.6.0 PR1 candidate - this plus lazy valueFn evaluation (this has subtle back-compat risks)]