Button wishlist

Derek Gathright edited this page Sep 28, 2013 · 13 revisions

Button is currently tagged as a Beta component, and in order to remove that label, it needs to have a stable architecture and API. This living document will track some of the remaining items that need to be done to consider moving Button out of Beta.


  • Default Y.Button's BOUNDING_TEMPLATE to <button type="button"> (src)
  • Make ButtonGroup widget single-box (src)
  • Make cssbutton more skinnable (involves breaking up the CSS into multiple files)
  • Introduce toggle plugin (src)
  • Improve documentation & examples. Finish keyboard demo.
  • Add performance tests
  • Increase Button's unit test count to strengthen coverage. For instance, it could use more tests for <input type="button"> elements (assuming that continues to be a supported element).


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