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Contribute Code to the YUI Gallery

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NOTE: The Gallery will be deprecated on July 31, 2014. This information is provided for archive purposes only.

This tutorial assumes you already have Git installed and working. If you don't, see Tutorial: Set Up Your Git Environment for more info, also be sure to sign our CLA if you haven't already before you contribute to YUI.

Install Node.js

All YUI tools are written in Node.js and is required to continue. Please install the latest version before continuing.

Installing yogi

yogi is the command line helper designed to help you with your gallery modules. You can install it with the following command:

npm -g install yogi

Logging In

yogi can talk to the and GitHub, but first you have to tell her who you are. You can always as her, like this: yogi whoami. She will either show you your username or she will tell you to login.

You can authenticate with the YUILibrary website by simply asking her to login: yogi login. You can find more information in the yogi documentation.

Creating Gallery Modules

yogi officially fully supports new Gallery modules. The YUI Gallery upgrade is deployed and will be used as the default gallery system from now on. These updates came with a few new features:

  • Builds are done with shifter
  • Modules are tested with yogi
  • Modules are no longer required to live in a fork of the yui3-gallery repo.
  • Modules that have examples, api docs and tests will be integrated into the YUI website.
  • More information on converting an existing module can be found here.

For complete information visit the yogi documentation.

CDN Requests

After you create your module, issuing a new CDN Request is as simple as yogi cdn request

For complete information visit the yogi documentation.

YUIConf Presentation

In this talk YUI engineer Tony Pipkin provides a step-by-step walkthrough of building and deploying a module to the new YUI Gallery using yogi. Tony goes over a variety of yogi functions and demonstrates how to properly assemble configuration files and setup your code to make YUI gallery submission practically effortless.

Anthony Pipkin: Building Modules for the New Gallery


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