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[Graded Browser Support](Graded Browser Support)
Graded Browser Support is a strategy designed to maximize testing coverage with limited resources by testing the smallest possible subset of browser combinations and leveraging implicit coverage from shared core browser engines. Learn which browsers are considered baseline for testing. Also learn about the principles of Progressive Enhancement and our content-first approach to development.

[Understanding Skinning](Understanding Skinning)
How to enable and extend YUI skins. Peek under the hood at the YUI skinning system.

[Report a Bug](Report a Bug)
Follow these steps to file a great bug report and help make YUI even better!

[Set Up Your Git Environment](Set Up Your Git Environment)
A step-by-step tutorial on setting up Git on various platforms to get you reading and writing YUI code in no time.

[Contribute Code to YUI](Contribute Code to YUI)
For developers who are ready to contribute code back to the YUI project, this tutorial gives you the essentials on downloading YUI source code, setting up the ideal workflow and submitting pull requests.

[Contribute Code to the YUI Gallery](Contribute Code to the YUI Gallery)
For developers who are ready to release their modules in the Gallery.

[Merging in a Pull Request](Merging in a Pull Request)
For developers who are wanting to try out changes in another user's topic branch or Pull Request.


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