YUI 3.10.2 Change History Rollup

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YUI 3.10.2 Change History Rollup

Anim Change History

  • Remove unnecessary code tag [zenorocha]

App Framework Change History


  • Router now properly dispatches when using hash-based URLs and calling replace() without arguments; before it would throw an error. [#739]

Attribute Change History

  • opts now passed to setter correctly, when using AttributeObservable.

    This feature was added in 3.8.1 (below), but didn't work for AttributeObservable.

Charts Change History

  • #743 Addressed issue in which styles don't map correctly to a legend when series are styled using a global style object.
  • #706 Addressed issue in which the legend did not honor specified series marker style for shape.

Color Change History

  • Move Y.Color out of DOM [Pull Request #576] [apipkin]

Dial Change History

  • Fixed GitHub Issue #591: Dial was intermittently sticking at min when drag below min, and then back above min. This was only happenening when min/max was at a position of North on the dial.

Event Infrastructure Change History

  • Fixed nodelist.on() for rare custom module use cases.

    In certain rare custom module loading circumstances [#2533242, https://github.com/yui/yui3/pull/689] dom-core is attached after event-base, which resulted in the YDOM = Y.DOM module level reference being undefined [1].

    This would break things like nodelist.on() which used the reference under the hood.

    [1] Added in 3.7.3, as part of the Win8 isWindow() fix.

  • Fixed DOM event facade, when Y instance was set to emitFacade:true.

    With the Y instance's emitFacade set to true, DOM event subscriptions would receive a Y.EventFacade instance instead of a Y.DOMEventFacade instance, and as a result target and currentTarget would be set to the Y instance, instead of a Y.Node instance.

Custom Event Infrastructure Change History

  • Fixed issue with facade carrying stale data for the "no subscriber" case.

  • Fixed regression where once() and onceAfter() subscriptions using the * prefix threw a TypeError [#676]. target.once('*:fooChange', callback)

  • Fixed exception with fire(type, null) with emitFacade:true.

Graphics Change History

  • #701 Addressed rounding issue in svg implementation. This bug surfaces in edge cases of the PieChart in the charts module.

Handlebars Change History

JSON Change History

  • YUICompressor was unable to minify the json-parse code because it contained eval. It had inserted a placeholder EVAL_TOKEN which to allow minification, then used a post-minify script to replace EVAL_TOKEN with eval. This appears not to be necessary any more, and caused a problem with the 3.10.0 CDN deployed files and was removed. [lsmith]

Node Change History

  • The show() and hide() methods now set and remove a node's hidden attribute, which provides a semantic indication of hidden content and improves accessibility. [Gerard Cohen]

ScrollView Change History

  • Paginator API methods now respect the widget's disabled ATTR

Simple YUI Change History

  • [!] DEPRECATED: Simple YUI has been deprecated as of YUI 3.10.2. This module will be removed from the library in a future version.

Widget Change History

  • Fixed contentBox remaining in Y.Node _instances cache, when widget hasn't been rendered, and widget.destroy(true) [deep destroy] is used.

YUI Throttle Change History

  • Throttle no longer changes the value of this inside the throttled function.
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