YUI 3.13.0 Change History Rollup

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App Framework Change History


  • Added req.app which is a reference to the app instance.


  • [!] A router's root path is now enforced as its mount point. Routers with a specified root will only consider paths as matching its route handles if that path is semantically within the router's root path. For example:

    router.set('root', '/app/');
    router.hasRoute('/app/');    // => true
    router.hasRoute('/app/foo'); // => true
    router.hasRoute('/bar/');    // => false

    This fixed some issues with paths being erroneously considered matching even when they were not semantically within the router's root path. (#1083)

  • [!] The getPath() method now returns the full current path, whereas before it returned the current path relative to the router's root. This also affects req.path which is now the full path as well.

  • [!] Changed Router's dispatching process to take req and res objects instead of creating them inside the _dispatch() method. This refactor also removed the deprecated support for calling res() as an alias for next().

  • Router now accepts route objects through its route() method. These route objects are the same as those specified in a router's routes attribute and what Router uses for its internal storage of its routes. If these route objects contain a regular expression as their path or they contain a regex or regexp property, then they are considered fully-processed. Route objects can also contain any arbitrary metadata which will be preserved. (#1067)

  • Added req.router which is a reference to the router instance.

  • Added req.route which is a reference to the current route object whose callbacks are being dispatched.

  • Calling the dispatch() method will now set req.src to "dispatch".


  • Added ModelSync.Local, an extension which provides a sync() implementation for localStorage that can be mixed into your Models and ModelLists. Examples of it in use can be seen in the YUI TodoMVC example. (#1218)

Button Change History

  • Added a labelHTML attribute to Y.ButtonCore for nested HTML label support
  • Due to a fix in Y.Widget (#1125), Y.Button now correctly retains all node attributes upon render

Calendar Change History

  • Fix a issue with cloudn't select a date when passing minimumDate. (#1030)
  • Removed superfluous strings from Hungarian calendar translations. (#1054: @drjayvee)

DataTable Change History

  • Add highlight module [Pull Request #1196]

  • Document updates and variable changes to improve understanding of code [Pull Request #946] [Satyam]

  • Add Show All to language packs. [Pull Request #1173] [Issue #1167]

  • Added 'contentUpdate' after the DataTable has been updated when triggered from a dataChange event. [Pull Request #1072][Issue #1052]

  • Fix issue where recursive nesting of objects was cloned infinitely [Pull Request #1008][Ticket #915]

  • Fix issue where Paginator count becomes out of sync with DataTable when DataTable data is modified (added or removed) [Pull Request #1011] [Issue #1010]

  • Add French language pack for DataTable's Paginator. (#1166 @Naouak)

Rich Text Editor Change History

  • Add in getEditorOffset to calculate distance from current selection to the beginning of the editor. [Pull Request #1232]

  • Editor is able to work in two modes - as an Inline Editor or using an iframe. For that reason, some internal changes have been made:

    Y.Frame is now a plugin and extends Y.Plugin.Base.

    There is a new Plugin, called ContentEditable. This plugin allows editor to work without using an iframe, as an inline editor.

    If a container is not specified, EditorBase creates and plugs an instance of Y.Frame. Otherwise, it uses the provided container (ContentEditable)

    Added Y.InlineEditor which extends EditorBase and plugs ContentEditable during the initialization process.

    [Ticket #1041] [ipeychev]

Event Infrastructure Change History

  • Delegated focus and blur events now behave the same way other events do when a delegate sub from a container closer to the target calls e.stopPropagation(). Delegate subs from containers higher in the parent axis are not notified. #1145

Custom Event Infrastructure Change History

  • Made addTarget and removeTarget chainable.

ValueChange Change History

  • Updated ValueChange to support <select> and [contenteditable="true"] elements as well. (#1184)

File Module Change History

  • Added a check to make sure the XHR exists before aborting. (#1053 @JetFault)

Graphics Change History

  • #1138 Address issues with orphan elements after destroy.

History Change History

  • Fixed a possible exception in HistoryHTML5._init() in IE10. [Ariel Schiavoni]

  • Added a workaround for a replaceState bug in Chrome/WebKit. (#1159: @roblund)

  • Fixed issue with parseHash not parsing blank values in hash string. (#1116: @blzaugg)

Node Change History

  • Fix issue causing inDoc to fail if Node wasn't bound to a node. [Pull Request #1169][Issue #1168]

ScrollInfo Node Plugin Change History

  • Fixed getOffscreenNodes() and getOnscreenNodes() even harder (they could still return incorrect information in certain cases). [Ryan Grove]

Paginator Change History

  • Correct typo in NAME param for paginator.js

Transition Change History

  • Added optional flag to NodeList.transition which, if true, fires the callback only once at the end of the NodeList transitions. (#880 @Perturbatio)

Uploader Utility (New) Change History

  • Fixed typo with event uploadcancel. (#1053 @JetFault)

Widget Change History

  • Removed widget-locale module.
  • Improved support for single-box widgets (BB === CB) by defaulting boundingBox to srcNode if CONTENT_TEMPLATE is null.

YUI Core Change History

  • Added Y.Lang.isRegExp() method.