YUI 3.14.0 Change History Rollup

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AutoComplete Change History

  • Fixed: List doesn't close when it loses focus after scrolling. (#981: @rgrove)

Button Change History

  • Fixed disabledChange listener to correctly disable or enable buttons. (#1374: @drjayvee)

Calendar Change History

  • Fix an undeclared variable (#1307)

Charts Change History

  • #1402 Remove Y.Clone.
  • #1393 Address issue in which Candlestick series does not render nicely when there are large amounts of data.
  • #1392 Address issue in which histograms threw errors when groupMarkers is set to true and there is missing data.
  • #1391 Address issue in which histograms did not always size and space properly when used outside of charts app.
  • #1390 Address issue in which histograms threw error when used independently from the larger chart app.
  • #1382 Address issue in which first/last values were removed from axis when hideFirstMajorUnit/hideLastMajorUnit were set to true.
  • #1381 Added ability to offset labels in Axis.

CSS Grids Change History

  • Grids is now imported into YUI from Pure via Grunt. (#1240)

CSS Normalize Change History

  • Normalize is now imported into YUI from Pure via Grunt. (#1240)

DataTable Change History

  • Added datatable-keynav module, providing keyboard navigation within the datatable. [Pull Request #596 ]

Rich Text Editor Change History

  • Fix Y.Frame issue where the linked CSS in the frame was trying to call /undefined. (#1367: @ipeychev)

Get Utility Change History

  • Preserve global as this when executing a yui module in nodejs (#1360)

Graphics Change History

  • #1398 Address issue in which canvas implementation does not position itself properly within a container.
  • #1375 Address issue in which path does not stroke correctly in svg implementation.

Node Change History

Number Change History

  • PR #587 Parse can now parse all the formats that format can produce.
  • Fixed regression in Y.Number.parse with strings containing only whitespace. (#1427)

Promise Change History

  • Marked getStatus as deprecated.

YUI Test Change History

  • Added Y.ArrayAssert.isUnique()

Transition Change History

  • Fixed issue where toggleView did not correctly work when passed only an effect name. (#1258 @ezequiel)

Uploader Utility (New) Change History

  • Addition of XHR's responseText to uploaderror's event payload. (#1356: @semafor)

YUI Core Change History

  • Added support to the YUI module system to work with modules written as ECMAScript Modules which are transpiled to YUI modules. (#1407)

    Modules are being added to ES6, but need to be transpiled into code that can run in today's JavaScript environments. This changes makes it possible for YUI modules to work as ES6 Module transpile target.

    An es flag on a YUI module's details signals to the YUI module system and Loader that the module was transpiled from a ES6 module; this allows YUI to conform to the module body's expectations around imports and exports.

    When the es flag is set to a truthy value, the module body function will receive two additional arguments: imports and exports, giving it the signature: function (Y, NAME, __imports__, __exports__) {...}. Also, the module body's return value becomes significant and is used and stored as the module's exports.

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