YUI 3.15.0 Change History Rollup

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App Framework Change History

  • [!] Refactored ModelSync.Local to use a different, more readable storage system. This new storage system is backwards-incompatible with the old storage system. However, the API remains the same and no application code needs to be changed unless you want to maintain the data that is present in localStorage today. ([#1597][])

  • Fixed an issue where history-hash-ie loaded on non-IE browsers. (#1613: @ezequiel)

Attribute Change History

  • Fixed an issue that caused reset() to fail when resetting an attribute called 'length'.

Calendar Change History

  • Fix calendar to use visibility:inherit instead of visibility:visible, for compatibility with overlays. (#1627: @jafl)
  • Fix an issue when Feb 1st is Saturday Mar 2nd appears to be selectable. (#1559: @shunner)

Charts Change History

  • #1480 Address issue in which _maxSize property was not updated for single series histogram.
  • #1632 Add labelFormat attribute to CategoryAxisBase and CategoryAxis.

Date Change History

  • Roll back to 3.13.0

Drag and Drop Change History

  • Fix a bug that doesn't fire drop:hit event. (#1573: @hacklschorsch)
  • Prevent the default page action when starting a gesturemove event. This fixes browsers that select the text when dragging. (#1557: @andrewnicols)

DOM Change History

  • #1603: Set a node value to an empty string setting to null. [Ryuichi Okumura]
  • #1469: Fix a bug with setStyle() cannot set an opacity to 1. [Ryuichi Okumura]

Event Infrastructure Change History

  • Reduced categories of certain noisy log events in the event module and added categories for those that were missing some. (#1605: @andrewnicols)

  • Fixed the event.returnValue is deprecated warning in chrome. (#1460: @zhiyelee)

  • Added support for W3C Pointer events in the tap event. This fixes an issue in IE11 where the type of pointer event objects was changed from MSPointerDown to pointerdown to comply with their proposed W3C standard.

Event Simulate Change History

  • Whitelisted W3C Pointer events for simulation.

Graphics Change History

  • #1543 Parse rgba value into color string and opacity value for vml fill and stroke.
  • #1566 Addressed issue with path chaining in canvas implementation of graphics.

IO Change History

  • Fixed an issue in io-upload-iframe where an attempt to reset the attributes of the form element could have occured on a form that no longer existed on the page. (#1465: @andrewnicols)

Loader Change History

  • Optimization of the calculate method, which now utilizes a topological sort (a variation of a depth first search) to generate a valid dependency order. (#1606: @ezequiel)

Promise Change History

  • Deprecated resolver.then in favor of resolver._addCallbacks.
  • Added new methods following the new emerging ES6 standard for promises. This includes promise.catch, Promise.all, Promise.race, Promise.resolve and Promise.reject.

YUI Test Change History

  • Added test.next(fn) which returns a callback that automatically resumes asynchronous tests.

Timers Change History

  • Import asap.js as the underlying implementation of Y.soon. This changes slightly the semantics of Y.soon: tasks scheduled during the flushing of asap's queue are pushed to the end of the queue and not scheduled to a new tick.

Widget Modality Change History

  • Fixed a bug where the widget would focus before it was actually rendered, leading to a jump in the window position. (#1636: @andrewnicols)

YUI Core Change History

  • Added Y.require() for importing ES6 modules. It's similar to Y.use() but it follow the following signature:
YUI().require('some-es6-module', function (Y, imports) {
  var foo = imports['some-es6-module'].foo;
  • Set default logLevel to info if missing or not a real category. (#1610: @andrewnicols)

  • Fixed value of this inside ES6 module definitions.

  • Fixed UA detection in recent versions of the Amazon Silk browser. (#1576: @adinardi)