YUI 3.16.0 Change History Rollup

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App Framework Change History


  • Fixed issue where Router's hasRoute(url) method did not follow the same semantics as the route dispatching process. Now all registered param handlers will process any named params, giving them a chance to validate and reject a param value. This will make the hasRoute() method an effective way to check whether a router will dispatch to a route handler for a given URL. (#1722)

Calendar Change History

  • #1685: Can't change month in RTL mode / arrow wrongly displayed in RTL mode (#1719 #1724: Andrew Nicols)
  • #1361: Change to use CSS instead of the image to showing of the arrow (Marc Lundgren)

CSS Grids Change History

  • Import Grids from Pure 0.4.2. You can now use non-reduced fraction class names when laying out a grid. This means that we have rules for classes such as .pure-u-12-24 as well as .pure-u-1-2.

CSS Normalize Change History

  • Import Base from Pure 0.4.2. You can now set a [hidden] attribute to your HTML elements if you want them to be display: none;.

DataTable Change History

  • Fixed an issue where the UI did not render correctly in print preview for IE 11. (#1708: @annumanuel)

DOM Change History

  • Optimize dom-style.js. Remove unnecessary anonymous function, unused variables. Use "Number()" instead of "new Number()". [Ryuichi Okumura]

Drag and Drop Change History

  • #1721 Move preventDefault to gesturemovestart (Andrew Nicols)
  • #1761 Prevent default on gesturemovestart after movement has started. (Andrew Nicols)
  • #1663 DDProxy will reset radio inputs when cloneNode==true (#1666: Chema Balsas)
  • Remove name attribute radio inputs inside cloned nodes by dd-proxy. [Chema Balsas]

Rich Text Editor Change History

  • Fixed an issue where the yui-cursor selector was used as an id instead of a class. (#1648: @alaaibrahim)

Event Infrastructure Change History

  • Added the spacebar key mapping to ensure correct ARIA and WCAG compliance. (#1642: @andrewnicols)

IO Utility Change History

  • Removed the unnecessary src attribute which caused an extra request to be made to the current page URL when the iframe was included on the page. (#1646: @goodforenergy)

  • Document usage of username/password in Y.io config. (#1572: @customcommander)

YUI Loader Change History

  • Optimization of the Loader's constructor by removing _populateCache() in in favor of an on-demand process to create internal module info based on the raw meta when the module is needed and called thru getModuleInfo(). (#1581: @caridy)

  • Removal of onCSS documentation, as it was never implemented. (#1743: @ezequiel)

  • Fixed an issue where a module's lang packs were not being included before the module itself. (#1743: @ezequiel)

  • Fixed an issue where conditionally loading a module using before did not work. (#1743: @ezequiel)

  • Fixed an issue where a CSS module could not require a js module. (#1743: @ezequiel)

Node Change History

  • getCell() throws an error if shift is not a recognized value.
  • Switched "instanceof Y.Node" to check for _node, to allow instances from other sandboxes.
  • Clarified Node vs NodeList method docs. (@solmsted)

Promise Change History

  • Errors thrown inside the promise initialization function reject the promise.

Sortable Utility Change History

  • #1486: Fix a issue that zIndex of 999 is kept on dragged item (Paul B. @popox)

YUI Test Change History

  • test.next now takes an optional argument to change the value of this inside the callback.

Widget Modality Change History

  • Fixed the positioning of the modal mask for stacked modals. (#1684: @moiraine)

  • Fixed an issue where Widget-Modality did not function correctly when a modal widget and its mask were subsequently cloned by something else. (#1175: @jinty)

YQL Change History

  • Fixed an issue where yql-jsonp, yql-nodejs, and yql-winjs were missing yql from their requires list. (#1737: @ezequiel)