YUI 3.17.0 Change History Rollup

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App Framework Change History

  • [ModelSync.Local] Stringify hash before saving.

Calendar Change History

  • #1752: Y.Calendar.selectDates fails when passed the maximumDate with minutes/seconds (@mairatma)
  • #1749: Fix left/right margin issues with dual-panel calendars
  • #1724: Fix issues with calendarnavigation month :hover and disabled styles

Drag And Drop Change History

  • #1778 Filter mousedown events to check that they belong to a valid drop target. (Andrew Nicols)

DOM Change History

  • #1709: Move out of color-base module (@okuryu)

Rich Text Editor Change History

  • [Editor]: Increase specificity of when to set cursor.
  • [Editor]: Check for the existence of node before removing it.

YUI Loader Change History

  • Add support for optional dependencies. These dependencies are conditionally loaded but each dependency is responsible for determining the result of the test, the opposite of condition. Example:
    modules: {
      foo: {
        test: function (Y) {
          return true;
      bar: {
        optionalRequires: ['foo']
  }).use('bar', ...);

MenuNav Change History

  • #1772 Correct check for IE UserAgent to make sure that the browser is IE. (Andrew Nicols)

Node Change History

  • [Node]: Add invalid to event whitelist.

Tree Change History

  • Fixed: Moving a node to another tree fails when that node has children. (#1689: @rgrove)