YUI 3.18.0 Change History Rollup

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Rich Text Editor Change History

  • #1895: Fixed an issue with backspace breaks on Chrome and Safari. (@macjohnny)

Gestures Change History

  • #1955: Don't prevent-default in 'on' for document node

Handlebars Change History

JSONP Change History

  • Resolve "Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function" error when both timeout and failure are defined. Fixes #1817 [stanleyhlng]

YUI Loader Change History

  • #1963: Setup Y.config.global to allow for YUI to work on CSP regulated sites and environments like Chrome extensions by providing the global in the user configuration.
  • #1959: Fixed an issue with m is null when found.configfn return false
  • #1954: Add new configuration option called defaultBase to minimize the amount of settings to define per group.
  • #1950: Incorporate pathogen encoding logic in a separate module under loader
  • #1938: Fixed Gallery build tag (@okuryu)

Pjax Change History

  • #1874: Add allowFallThrough attribute to navigate() falls through to window.location with no matching route. (@ericsoco)

Plugin Host Change History

  • #1944: Fix an issue calls to Y.log in PluginHost are missing filter information. (@tribis)

Widget Modality Change History

  • #1897: Fixed an invalid Y.Log() syntax (@jonmak08)

YUI Core Change History

  • #1963: Setup Y.config.global only if no user global was provided
  • #1935: Mark all Android devices as "mobile". (@nolanlawson)