YUI 3.5.1 Change History Rollup

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The changes included in the YUI 3.5.1 are listed below, per component. Components not listed were not changed in 3.5.1.

App Framework Change History


  • Added render and update options to the showView() method. [PR #100 Pat Cavit]


  • Added a removeQuery() function that accepts a URL and returns it without a query string (if it had one). [Pat Cavit]

  • Fixed hasRoute() failing to match routes with query params. [Pat Cavit]

  • Fixed bad route regex generation if a placeholder was the last thing in the route. [Pat Cavit]

  • Fixed generated route regexes matching hash/query params when they shouldn't have. [Pat Cavit]

AutoComplete Change History

  • Fixed a potential XSS issue involving the ARIA live region and text results that contain HTML markup.

Charts Change History

  • Fixed min/max issues with NumericAxis. [Ticket #2532138]

  • Fixed issues with tooltip when numeric values are used in a CategoryAxis. [Ticket #2532195]

DOM Change History

  • Bug fix: Fix multiple grouped queries for IE. [Ticket #2532155]

Get Utility Change History

  • Fixed a bug that could cause CSS requests to hang on WebKit versions between 535.3 and 535.9 (inclusive).

Graphics Change History

  • Fixed issue in which gradients fills threw an exception in canvas implementations. [Ticket #2531921]

  • Fixed issue in which updating the transform attribute of a shape caused two redraws. [Ticket #2532197]

Matrix Change History

  • Fixed issue in which matrix animations were not ending correctly. [Ticket #2532208]

Node Change History

  • Bug fix: Force case-insensitive removeAttribute in IE. [Ticket #2532192]

ScrollView Change History

  • Fixed mousewheel bug [Ticket #2532214]

Widget Change History

Widget Buttons Change History

  • Fixed issue with addButton() receiving an index argument which was too large or negative, both of which are okay because this value is passed to the Array splice() method. The index property on the buttonsChange event facade is now always the actual index at which the new button exists. [Ticket #253219]

  • Fixed issue with properly handling Y.Node instances from other YUI sandboxes. [Ticket #2532207]

Widget Modality Change History

  • Fixed regression where browsers which actually support position: fixed were also getting the fallback implementation to emulate fixed position, causing the mask node to be repositioned incorrectly. [Ticket #2532136]

YUI Core Change History

  • Added a Y.UA.compareVersions() function for performing simple version number comparisons using version-safe logic rather than numerical logic.