YUI 3.6.0 Change History Rollup

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YUI 3.6.0 Change History Rollup

The changes included in the YUI 3.6.0 are listed below, per component. Components not listed were not changed in 3.6.0.

Anim Change History


  • Allow for pass through to object properties for arbitrary animation.

App Framework Change History



  • Added static property: Y.App.serverRouting, which serves as the default value for the serverRouting attribute of all apps. [Ticket #2532319]

  • Fixed issue with non-collapsing white space between views while transitioning. White space is now fully collapsed and prevents views from jumping after a cross-fade transition. [Ticket #2532298]

  • Organized all CSS classes Y.App uses under a static CLASS_NAMES property.

  • Moved transitioning CSS classname under Y.App.CLASS_NAMES.


  • Added ModelSync.REST, an extension which provides a RESTful XHR sync() implementation that can be mixed into a Model or ModelList subclass.


  • Added LazyModelList, a subclass of ModelList that manages a list of plain objects rather than a list of Model instances. This can be more efficient when working with large numbers of items. [Ryan Grove]

  • The add() method now accepts an index option, which can be used to insert the specified model(s) at a specific index in the list. [Greg Hinch]

  • The each() and some() methods now iterate over a copy of the list, so it's safe to remove a model during iteration. [Ticket #2531910]

  • The remove() method now optionally accepts the index of a model to remove (or an array of indices). You no longer need to specify the actual model instance(s), although that's still supported as well.

  • The filter() method now returns an instance of the subclass rather than ModelList itself when called with options.asList set to true on a subclass of ModelList. [Ryan Grove]

  • Fixed an issue where a list that received bubbled events from a model would assume the model was in the list if its id changed, even if the model actually wasn't in the list and was merely bubbling events to the list. [Ticket #2532240]


  • [!] Changed how hash-based paths interact with the URL's real path. The path-like hash fragments are now treated as a continuation of the URL's path when the router has been configured with a root. [Ticket #2532318]

  • Fixed issue when multiple routers are on the page and one router is destroyed the remaining routers would stop dispatching. [Ticket #2532317]

  • Fixed a multi-router issue where creating a router instance after a previous router's save()/replace() method was called would cause in infinite History replace loop. [Ticket #2532340]

  • The req object passed to routes now has a pendingRoutes property that indicates the number of matching routes after the current route in the dispatch chain. [Steven Olmsted]

  • Added a static Y.Router.dispatch() method which provides a mechanism to cause all active router instances to dispatch to their route handlers without needing to change the URL or fire the history:change or hashchange event.

Attribute Change History


  • Optimized valueFn handling, so that valueFn is not called for Attribute, if user provides a value.

  • Support opts argument for setAttrs() also. Passed through to set, and ends up mixed into the event payload for all the attributes set through setAttrs()

AutoComplete Change History


  • Fixed an issue that prevented events from being detached when the AutoComplete widget was destroyed. [Ticket #2532419]

Base Change History


  • "value" defined in a subclass ATTRS definition, will now override "valueFn" for the same attribute from the superclass chain.

    Previously, "value" would only override "value" and "valueFn" would only overide "valueFn", and in the aggregated set of attributes, "valueFn" would take precedence over "value".

    This meant that subclasses had to define a "valueFn" to overide superclasses, if the superclass used "valueFn".

Button Change History


  • #2532458 - ButtonGroup properly handles nested labels.

Calendar Change History


  • Bug fixes for 2532262, 2532277, 2531828.
  • Near 100% unit test coverage

Charts Change History


  • #2532336 Addressed issue in which tooltip was referenced before it was set.
  • #2532078 Addressed issue in which setting a dataProvider with a different structure failed to update a chart.
  • #2532103 Addressed issues with null values in stacked area charts.
  • #2532115 Addressed issue in which stacked area charts did not close correctly when a series had null values at the beginning or end.
  • #2531796 Addressed issue in which a combo series with discontinuous data and discontinuousType set to dashed broke the chart.
  • #2532102 Addressed issue in which Area Charts with null values at the start or beginning do not close accurately.
  • #2532186 Addressed issue in which categoryDisplayName and valueDisplayName in seriesCollection were not accepted on init.
  • #2532234 Addressed issue in which axis appendTitleFunction and appendLabelFunction attributes were not being set properly.
  • #2532284 Addressed issue in which legend item text with spaces wrapped.
  • #2532285 Cleaned up legend destructor method.
  • #2532327 Addressed issue in which negative values in a column series displayed incorrectly.
  • #2532348 Addressed issue in which AreaSpline style object returned null.
  • #2532353 Addressed issue in which vertical attribute was not being set properly on non-histogram cartesian series.
  • #2532292 Filled out testing coverage
  • #2531688 Fixed rounding bug in pie chart.

Collection Change History


  • [!] The sort parameter of Array.unique() has been removed. This parameter was deprecated in YUI 3.3.0.

  • Array.unique() now accepts an optional test function as its second parameter. This function can perform custom comparison logic to determine whether two values should be considered equal. [Ticket #2527901]

  • The every(), filter(), map(), and reduce() functions now work correctly on array-like objects in ES5 browsers. [Ticket #2531652]

DataTable Change History


  • Extracted all rendering logic into new class Y.DataTable.TableView. Added view and viewConfig attributes to configure which view to use to render the table. headerView, bodyView, and footerView are all passed along to this View class to delegate rendering (if appropriate). You can now have a single view config on DT to render the entire table and contents. NOTE: if you were subscribing to renderHeader, renderBody, or renderFooter events, they now have to be prefixed with 'table' (E.g. table.after('table:renderBody', fn);
  • Column configuration array is now copied when assigned. This allows the same array and column config objects to be used for multiple tables.

Drag and Drop Change History


  • 2531340 DDConstrained broken when using DDNodeScroll plugin
  • 2532009 Drag examples could use some Jeff polish
  • 2532106 Drag handles aren't well explained in the example.
  • 2532216 DDConstrained does not remove event listeners on destroy properly
  • 2532291 DD Delegate ignores dragNode configuration option
  • 2532500 Y.Plugin.Drag interferes with browser's native handling of dragged links, even when those links aren...

Rich Text Editor Change History


  • 2532376 bz #5540030 - Indent/Outdent button doestn't work properly in Chrome/IE when in RTL mode
  • 2532395 nodeChange event's command key loses both the underline and strikethrough property if both are appli...

Custom Event Infrastructure Change History


  • Fixed memory consumption issue where Y.Do's internal touched object cache, Y.Do.objs, would never release object references.

    The Y.Do.objs property has been deprecated as of 3.6.0, and will be null.

    The cached state previously stored in Y.Do.objs has been moved onto the AOP'd object itself, in the private _yuiaop property.

    The only reason _yuiaop is mentioned here, is to provide a temporary migration path for users who may have been using Y.Do.objs. If you are using this property, please file a ticket with the use case, and we'll look at addressing the use case formally, while not impacting GC.

File Module Change History


  • Added the ability to set custom headers and withCredentials property on the XHR instance.

Graphics Change History


  • #2532293 Filled out testing coverage.
  • #2532307 Added xRadius and yRadius attributes for ellipses.
  • #2532362 Removed hard-coded "yui3-" from class names.
  • #2532306 Addressed issue in which too large a bounding box was being created for quadratic and cubic bezier curves.
  • #2532305 Addressed issue in which linejoin bevel was not being set.
  • #2532243 Addressed issues caused by setting visible to false on a graphic instance.
  • #2532222 Addressed issue in which a rotated shape did not drag correctly.
  • #2531989 Address issues with invalid gradient values for x1,x2,y1,y2.
  • #2532242 Fixed issue with VMLGraphic.removeShape in which shapes were not removed when an id is passed instead of an instance.
  • #2532255 Fixed bug with shape attribute translateX and translateY.
  • #2532252 Fix issue in which passing null to stroke/fill attributes in CanvasShape threw errors.
  • #2532253 Implement clear method in canvas graphic.
  • #2532272 Fixed issues with VMLGraphic.getXY() in which the wrong values were returned after x and y attributes are updated.
  • #2532243 Fixed issue in which setting the visible attribute of a graphic to false upon instantiation caused errors.
  • #2532114 Add ability to draw subpixel paths in ie.

Handlebars Change History


  • Merged in commit: 0afc8b58d from wycats/handlebars.js.

History Change History


  • Fixed issue with hashchange listeners being called once for every YUI instance which uses history-hash when the hashchange event would fire. [Ticket #2532596]

  • HistoryHTML5 now treats empty window.history.state objects as null when seeding its initial state value on construction. [Ticket #2532340]

IO Utility Change History


  • Fixed issue when running in Node.js where config.data wasn't automatically stringified. [Ticket #2532390]

YUI Loader Change History


  • 2531640 Configuring the loader for modules that ship with only the root bundle.
  • 2532070 Loader may calculate incorrect css file paths for different skins Matrix Change History =====================


  • #2532255 Added translateX and translateY methods.

Parallel Change History


  • 2532215 - Handling no fn callbacks

Pjax Change History


  • Fixed issue where pjax would try to navigate from clicks on elements which were not anchors or the anchor's href was a URL from a different origin than the current page. [Ticket #2531943]

Plugin Host Change History


  • Allow for non-base/non-attribute based plugins, by not assuming setAttrs or destroy exist on the plugin.

ScrollView Change History


  • Fixed issue with mousewheel not working when multiple scrollviews are present (#2532377)

Slider Change History


  • new Y.Slider({ disabled: true }) now locks thumb [#2532100]

Sortable Utility Change History


  • 2531908 Sortable utility - can't drop on empty container space
  • 2531909 Sortable - JS error when drug between two full join lists after manual nodes manipulation

SWF Utility Change History


  • Changed how the <object> tag is written to the DOM to fix an issue in IE (bug 2529891).

Uploader Utility (New) Change History


  • Bug fix for 2532150 (empty fileList after fileselect event)
  • Bug fix for 2532140 (can't select the same set of files twice)
  • Bug fix for 2532111 (drop event is not being fired)
  • New feature: a fileFilterFunction attribute and improved fileList handling for filtering selected files.
  • New feature: Added support for file type filters to the HTML5 uploader's "Select Files" dialog.
  • New feature: allow setting custom headers and withCredentials property for the HTML5 uploader (passed through to the underlying XMLHttpRequest Level 2 instance).

Widget Modality Change History


  • Removed hard-coded "yui3-" CSS classname where the mask node was being retrieved via the ".yui3-widget-mask" CSS selector. [Ticket #2532363]

Widget Change History


  • Widget no longer runs html parser against the default contentBox created from CONTENT_TEMPLATE, so that html parser implementations don't need to check for null results for missing nodes.

YQL Change History


  • 2529620 Would like to see a context property in the YQL module
  • 2530225 Allow use of failure callback for YQL module

YUI Core Change History


  • Changed the default throwFail behavior to act like it sounds, see ticket #2531679 If throwFail is true (default) we will not wrap modules or the use callback in a try catch. If it's false, they will be wrapped (the old behavior).

  • 2528334 YUI configuration to delay use() callback until domready or window load

  • 2529742 Y[UI()].use() callback's 2nd parameter: 2 issues

  • 2531647 div is appended precedent to

  • 2531679 Module/use callback load errors do not provide useful stacktrace

  • 2532215 Y.Parallel should push arguments if fn is not specified

  • 2532344 Missing requirements sometimes return in wrong order

  • 2532397 Automate Testing for OOP examples

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