YUI 3.7.0 Change History Rollup

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App Framework Change History


  • Added App.Content, an App extension that provides pjax-style content fetching and handling, making it seamless to use a mixture of server and client rendered views.


  • Added custom response parsing to ModelSync.REST to make it easy for developers to gain access to the full Y.io() response object. Developers using ModelSync.REST can either assign the parseIOResponse property to false to gain access to the full Y.io() response object in their parse() method, or provide a custom implementation of the parseIOResponse() method.

  • ModelSync.REST's serialize() method now receives the action which the sync() method was invoked with. [Ticket #2532625]


  • You may now add models to a ModelList at instantiation time by providing an Object, array of Objects, Model instance, array of Model instances, or another ModelList instance in the items property of the config object passed to ModelList's constructor. This change also applies to LazyModelList.


  • Added support for route-based middleware to Router. The route() method now accepts an arbitrary number of callbacks enabling more reuse of routing code. For people familiar with Express.js' route middleware, this behaves the same. [Ticket #2532620]


  • Log a warning when a handler function is not present when a view's events are being attached. [Ticket #2532326] [Jay Shirley, Jeff Pihach]

Attribute Change History

  • Removed unused call to get in getAttrs(), improving getAttrs() performance. [Ryan Grove]

Charts Change History

  • #2532713 Addressed issue in which updating the dataProvider on a chart with a legend threw an error.

Collection Change History

  • Added Y.Array.flatten(). This method flattens arrays of arrays into a single flat array.

DataType Change History

  • DataType is now an alias for Y.Date, Y.Number and Y.XML modules. The Y.DataType.* module names have been retained for backwards compatibility but may be removed in the future (a decision which will be forecast sufficiently ahead of time).

Date Change History

  • Y.DataType.Date has been moved to Y.Date

Custom Event Infrastructure Change History

  • CustomEvent run-time performance optimizations.

    a. The subscribers and afters CustomEvent instance properties have been deprecated, and replaced with private arrays (instead of hashes).

    If you're referring to the subscribers or afters properties directly, you can set the Y.CustomEvent.keepDeprecatedSubs to true, to restore them, but you will incur a performance hit in doing so.

    The rest of the CustomEvent API is driven by the new private arrays, and does not require the subscribers and afters properties, so you should only enable keepDeprecatedSubs if your code is referring to the properties directly.

    If you are using the above properties directly, please file an enhancement request and we'll provide a public way to achieve the same results, without the performance hit before we remove the properties permanently.

    b. Avoid new EventTarget when stoppedFn is not used.

    c. Optimized mixing during the creation of a custom event object.

    d. Optimized mixing done on the facade, during a fire with payload.

    Performance results on Chrome 19/MacOS below, for the use case where we're iring with a payload:

    Custom Event Lifecycle Numbers (Fix a, b, c)

    BEFORE (3.6.0): EventTarget with attribute style publish, fire, with on/after listeners x 7,623 ops/sec

    CURRENT (With fixes a, b, c): EventTarget with attribute style publish, fire, with on/after listeners x 23,642 ops/sec

    Payload Numbers (Fix d)

    BEFORE (3.6.0): Fire With Payload - 10 listeners x 27,918 ops/sec ±1.32% (54 runs sampled)

    CURRENT (With fix d): Fire With Payload - 10 listeners x 63,362 ops/sec ±0.37% (58 runs sampled)

    The benchmark tests can be found in src/event-custom/tests/benchmark

    Log messages for the follow commits have more details:

    e7415e71decf3d921161e8883270e16b433aa150 - subscribers/afters fix. 29f63996f8b69a7bb6d2e27f4d350c320998c0b2 - optimized payload mix fix.

  • CustomEvent memory optimizations.

    • Fixed _facade and firedWith which were holding onto a reference to the last fired event facade. Now _facade is reset to null after the fire sequence, and firedWith is only maintained for fireOnce CustomEvents. i

      This allows the facade from the last fired event to be GC'd whereas prior to this change it wasn't.

Gestures Change History

  • 'event-gestures' supports MSPointer events (IE10 on Windows 8).

Event Infrastructure Change History

  • Changed event-synthetic, to support CustomEvent performance optimizations.

    Mainly the deprecation of CustomEvent subscribers and afters instance properties, which event-synthetic was referring to directly. The direct reference was replaced by a public API method call.

    See src/event-custom/HISTORY.md for more details about the deprecated properties.

  • event-tap was migrated from Gallery and it supports "fast-click" on touch devices.

  • Added try/catch around the internal window unload listener event-base adds, so that YUI works in Chrome Packaged Apps. They don't support unload, but still have a window.onunload, so no real way to feature test without a try/catch anyway.

GestureSimulation Change History

  • Initial release.

Graphics Change History

  • Ticket #2532682 Addressed issue in which drawing and filling the same shape independently resulted in bad VML rendering.

  • Ticket #2531432 Added data attribute to allow for passing svg path strings to a shape.

  • Ticket #2532495 Added generic (non-implementation specific) class names to shapes.

  • Ticket #2532611 Added toFront and toBack methods to shapes.

  • Ticket #2532612 Added ability to animate a shapes stroke and fill attributes when incuding the anim-shape submodule. All shape attributes are animatable.

  • Ticket #2532635 Added ability size the contents of a Graphic instance to fit into its parent container.

IO Utility Change History

  • Prevent IO from maintaining cookies across requests in Node.js. [Ticket #2532676]

  • Remove "X-Requested-With" header from cross-domain XHRs. Setting any non-standard HTTP headers when performing a cross-domain request using CORS results in a required pre-flight OPTIONS request. Not adding this header by default allows the browser to communicate with a server which is not CORS-ready. [Ticket #2532673] [Clarence Leung]

Matrix Change History

  • #2532709 Firefox 16 no longer supports units for tx/ty of a transform matrix. Updated toCSSText() method to no longer add them for Firefox browsers.

ScrollInfo Node Plugin Change History

  • Initial release.

Number Change History

  • Moved from Y.Datatype.Number to Y.Number

Pjax Change History

  • Added Y.Pjax.defaultRoute, a static stack of middleware which forms the default Pjax route. This is useful when overriding Pjax's default "*" route by adding adding more specific route paths, or performing some operation after the default behavior.

  • Added the loadContent() method which is route middleware which loads content from a server. This can be used with custom Pjax implementations which need to have more control over how content is updated in the DOM.

  • Extracted Y.PjaxContent from Y.Pjax. Pulling out the content-handling functionality allows it to be used by other components, like Y.App. [Ticket #2532487]

ScrollView Change History

Detailed overview of all changes (including protected/private) @ https://gist.github.com/3522590

  • Added Forced-Axis and Dual-Axis Support. ScrollView now has an (optional) axis property that can be declared with values: x, y, or xy. (#2532631)

  • Added: Initial support for RTL (Right-To-Left) layouts (#2531874).

  • Added: Unit test coverage for scrollview-base and scrollview-paginator (#2532288, #2532287)

  • Moved: Paginator’s scrollTo() method has been deprecated and replaced with scrollToIndex. (##2530145)

  • Moved the following ScrollView static properties (now deprecated) to instance attributes for more control SNAP_DURATION to 'snapDuration' SNAP_EASING to 'snapEasing' EASING to 'easing' FRAME_STEP to 'frameDuration' BOUNCE_RANGE to 'bounceRange'

  • Fix: Mousewheel events on a horizontally scrolling instance no longer prevent page scrolling (#2532739)

  • Fix: Mousewheel events now properly update the scrollY attribute.

  • Fix: Improved reliability of the scrollEnd event. Now it now only fires once per scrolling sequence, instead of sometimes twice.

  • Fix: Resolved issue where multiple listeners could sometimes be added for drag and flick events.

  • Fix: Improved gesture event detachment

  • Fix: Refactored _flickFrame to do less attribute lookups, helpful for performance reasons

  • Fix: Resolved issue where scrollview.pages.scrollTo may not actually scroll to the desired page, or may cause a lock-up of the widget.

Widget Change History

  • Fixed regression in Widget.getByNode(), introduced in 3.5.0, where the Widget would not be found if the user changed the id of the boundingBox node, after the widget was rendered.

    We go back to using the Node's guid for caching instead of the DOM node id.

    The change was originally made to lay the groundwork for string based rendering, where a boundingBox node reference would not be present during initialization.

    This can still be achieved post-render by populating the instance map, after a Node reference has been established/added to the DOM (when we get there).

XML Change History

  • Moved from Y.Datatype.XML to Y.XML

YUI Core Change History

  • Improved the performance of Y.merge() by 10 to 40% (depending on the browser). [Ryan Grove]
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