YUI 3.9.1 Change History Rollup

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App Framework Change History


  • Fixed: Changing an attribute on a revived model did not update the corresponding property on the original object. [#528] [Ryan Grove]

  • Fixed: Revived models didn't have the same clientId as the original object. [#530] [Ryan Grove]


  • Added a more helpful error when a named route callback function doesn't exist. [#513] [Ryan Grove]

Charts Change History

  • #2533120 Removed all lint warnings.

Graphics Change History

  • #2533119 Removed all lint warnings.

Handlebars Change History

  • Upgraded Handlebars.js to v1.0.10 to fix regression with nested blocks.

Tree Change History

  • Added a src option to all methods that trigger events. This value is passed along to the event facade of the resulting event, and can be used to distinguish between changes caused by different sources (such as user-initiated changes vs. programmatic changes). [Ryan Grove]