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Error js compress when hash object has name property as type data.

hash = {
int: true

funny, but even on the types of data that are not in javascript

hash = {
long: true


tml commented Feb 18, 2013

This is because 'long', 'int' and many others are considered to be of the class "FutureReservedWord" in ES3 (see section 7.5.3 of ECMA-262 3rd edition, found at, and "MemberExpression" must be "Identifiers" (i.e., IdentifierName but not ReservedWord).

I am working on a patchset that will move us to Rhino 1.7R3, which provides ES5 support, where some of these restrictions have been eased.

In the interim, you can resolve this by quoting these identifiers.

hash = {
"long": true

tml closed this Feb 18, 2013

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