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Add most used functions of cssmin for use as a node.js module #24

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This is a simple wrapper to achieve one goal: a node module that is forward compatible with future releases of YUICompressor.

This module exposes the entire compressor object as well as the most commonly used cssmin function.


Thanks for your contribution, but the cssmin.js code has been forked into - we will almost certainly be dropping support for it from YUICompressor very soon. This submission should probably move over to the ycssmin project.

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11 ports/js/cssmin.node.js
@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
+ * node.js
+ * Author: Corin Lawson -
+ * This is a wrapper of cssmin.js, suitable for use in Node.js.
+ * Permission is hereby granted to do what you you see fit.
+ */
+(function() {
+ eval(String(require('fs').readFileSync(__dirname + '/cssmin.js')));
+ exports.compressor = YAHOO.compressor;
+ exports.cssmin = function () { return YAHOO.compressor.cssmin.apply(YAHOO.compressor, arguments); };
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