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YUI Doc generates API documentation from a modified JavaDoc syntax.
Current version (0.3.36)
Usage: yuidoc <options> <input path>
Common Options:
-c, --config, --configfile <filename> A JSON config file to provide configuration data.
You can also create a yuidoc.json file and place it
anywhere under your source tree and YUI Doc will find it
and use it.
-e, --extension <comma sep list of file extensions> The list of file extensions to parse
for api documentation. (defaults to .js)
-x, --exclude <comma sep list of directories> Directories to exclude from parsing
(defaults to '.DS_Store,.svn,CVS,.git,build_rollup_tmp,build_tmp')
-v, --version Show the current YUIDoc version
--project-version Set the doc version for the template
-N, --no-color Turn off terminal colors (for automation)
-C, --no-code Turn off code generation (don't include source files in output)
-n, --norecurse Do not recurse directories (default is to recurse)
-S, --selleck Look for Selleck component data and attach to API meta data
-V, --view Dump the Handlebars.js view data instead of writing template files
-p, --parse-only Only parse the API docs and create the JSON data, do not render templates
-o, --out <directory path> Path to put the generated files (defaults to ./out)
-t, --themedir <directory path> Path to a custom theme directory containing Handlebars templates
-H, --helpers <comma separated list of paths to files> Require these file and add Handlebars helpers. See docs for more information
--charset CHARSET Use this as the default charset for all file operations. Defaults to 'utf8'
-h, --help Show this help
-q, --quiet Supress logging output
-T, --theme <simple|default> Choose one of the built in themes (default is default)
--syntaxtype <js|coffee> Choose comment syntax type (default is js)
--server <port> Fire up the YUIDoc server for faster API doc developement. Pass optional port to listen on. (default is 3000)
--lint Lint your docs, will print parser warnings and exit code 1 if there are any
<input path> Supply a list of paths (shell globbing is handy here)
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