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Most recent updates
- Added support for YUI-specific constructs (custom events,
configuration attributes).
- @config generates property info for old Config-style properies
- @attribute generates AttributeProvider docs, and includes the events
that are automatically created.
- Private/protected members are hidden by default.
- Added a flag to support YDN's stat instrumentation
Version 0.0.8 (12/05/06, adamoore)
- No longer attempts to apply the current namespace to class names in extends,
uses, etc. This prevents accidental munging of the name, but requires that
the full classname including namespace is used.
- added logger config file
Version 0.0.7 (11/09/06, adamoore)
- The javascript included with the template has been combined into a single
file called api-js. This protects against having these files parsed
if the user chooses to output docs in the same directory as the source.
- Syntax highlighter errors no longer crash the app.
- Fixed a crash that happened when punctuation was encountered where the
parameter name was expected.
- The module definition can be combined with a class definition, although
it is generally preferred to have it separate.
- Source code is no longer parsed by the template engine, preventing problems
with code marked up with preprocessor info in a format similar to the
templating language. It is also faster.
- style updates
Version 0.0.6 (10/30/06, adamoore)
- Syntax highlighting now is incorporated in the generated file instead of
being applied at render time on the client. This requires the installation
of a new python library, and an update to the script file used to generate
your documentation.
- The index page now uses autocomplete to provide an instant search feature.
- Classes marked private should not show in the docs.
- Duplicate class and property declarations now show a simple warning rather
than a dump of the current comment block.
- fixed a crash that occurred when parsing param and returns blocks with
mismatched {}
Version 0.0.5 (10/23/06, adamoore)
- Now supports multiple source trees. Each source tree is treated as a separate
module, and as long as each tree has a @module block, it will generate
the docs correctly for each block and handle inheritance info across modules.
Note: if you do not include a module block, the class documentation won't be
- index.html is now a landing page for the documentation for the entire library.
The current landing page is a placeholder until we come up with something
- The module name is now expected to be the short name corresponding to the
directory your module lives in. @module now has an additional @title
tag that you can use to specify the friendly name for the module that shows
in the documentation. For example:
* The Slider component is a UI control that enables the user to adjust
* values in a finite range along one or two axes.
* @module slider
* @title Slider Widget
* @namespace YAHOO.widget
* @requires yahoo,dom,dragdrop,event
* @optional animation
- now accepts a -s option for showing privates.
- static properties/methods/etc no longer show up in the inheritance sections
- Fixed the output for events
Version 0.0.4 (10/17/06, adamoore)
- Added @final for constants and read-only configs
- Added @default to highlight default values for properties and configs
- Added @uses for generating YAHOO.augment inheritance info
Version 0.0.3 (10/16/06, adamoore)
- Method return values now show up even if you do not provide a description
for the return
- CSS fix for IE code view
Version 0.0.2 (10/16/06, adamoore)
- Supports @event blocks. These blocks are similar to method blocks, but
they do not have @return values, and the @params refer to the signature
the event listeners will receive.
- Supports @config blocks. These blocks are the same as @property blocks.
Configuration options are presented in a separate block from the
normal properties.
- @requires is supported on the module splash page
- If @method/@property is not provided in the comment block, the parser will
now try to guess the name and type by parsing the code following the block.
- Added @protected support. Use for properties/methods that are intended to
be private for all except subclasses.
Version 0.0.1 (10/2/06, adamoore)
- Initial revision
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