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One-time setup for python:
Unix (including cygwin):
1. Check to see if setuptools is installed.
Execute this command:
which easy_install
If it returns something, it's installed skip to step #3.
2. Install Setup Tools:
Extract the archive in ext and install the package
sudo python install (no sudo needed for cygwin or windows)
cd ext
tar xfvz setuptools-0.6c9.tar.gz
cd setuptools-0.6c9
sudo python install
3. Install the dependencies
easy_install pygments
easy_install Cheetah
easy_install simplejson
4. Make a copy of yuidoc/bin/ and modify the paths to suit your needs.
1. Install Python
* Use Python 2.4.3 as 2.5 generates warnings because the json parser has
not been updated yet:
* Extract each of the archives with WinZIP and install as described in
the unix section.
* Copy _namemapper.pyd to C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\Cheetah
2,3. Same as above
4. Add C:\python24 to your PATH
5. Copy yuidoc\bin\example.bat and modify the paths to suit your needs
See TAGS for a brief description of the supported tags. Checking out the
source for the YUI library is a good way to get to know how it works. Ex:
NOTE: This tool will generally work with code that has been commented for
jsdoc, with one exception: you must have at least one @module block defined
somewhere in your source. If you don't, the program will run but won't
generate anything.
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