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Whoops, used tilde instead of apostrophe to mark up the args doc #128

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Wei Wang Dav Glass
Wei Wang

The documentation site now shows 'tabtospace' instead of tabtospace. This commit is a quick fix of that.

Wei Wang

Requesting review @davglass

Dav Glass davglass merged commit c5ca5d4 into from February 27, 2013
Dav Glass davglass closed this February 27, 2013
Dav Glass

Thanks, merged, built and pushed the live docs.

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Feb 26, 2013
Wei Wang Whoops, used apostrophe instead of tilde to mark up this doc. e7945b6
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  1. 2  docs/args/index.mustache
2  docs/args/index.mustache
@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ See below for <a href="#ex-yui3">more</a> <a href="#ex-yuidoc">examples</a>.
225 225
     <td>Specifies the directory in which to place the rendered HTML files and assets.</td>
226 226
227 227
-    <td>'tabtospace'</th>
+    <td>`tabtospace`</th>
229 229
     <td>Specifies the number of spaces each tab character in source code should be converted to when using YUIDoc's source code view. The default is 8.</td>
230 230
231 231

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