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This code line is out of date and no longer supported. ^davglass 05.09.2012

yuidoc README

yuidoc is a set of tools to generate the API documentation for the JavaScript
in the YUI library.  The docs are derived completely from JavaDoc style
comment blocks; no attempt is made to understand the javascript itself.

yuidoc requires Python 2.3+ with the following extensions:
    simplejson - for reading and writing json (required for Python versions below 2.6.0)
    cheetah    - for generating the html docs
    pygments   - for colorizing the source

The code for yuidoc is provided under a BSD license:

Project home page:
Source code:

Issue tracker:


    This file

    The change log

    Installation instructions

    Known issues and workarounds.

    Supported tags

    Open source license details.

    The comment block parser.  Parses all javascript files in the the specified 
    directories and outputs a single file containing a json structure of the 
    parsed documentation.

    Colorizes the script source

    Reads the json output from and generates HTML docs.

    Wrapper for yuidoc_parse, yuidoc_highlight, and yuidoc_generate

    An example shell script to run both the parser and generator on a src tree

    An example batch for for DOS/Windows

    External required packages, provided for convenience

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