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package lua
const (
// BaseLibName is here for consistency; the base functions have no namespace/library.
BaseLibName = ""
// LoadLibName is here for consistency; the loading system has no namespace/library.
LoadLibName = "package"
// TabLibName is the name of the table Library.
TabLibName = "table"
// IoLibName is the name of the io Library.
IoLibName = "io"
// OsLibName is the name of the os Library.
OsLibName = "os"
// StringLibName is the name of the string Library.
StringLibName = "string"
// MathLibName is the name of the math Library.
MathLibName = "math"
// DebugLibName is the name of the debug Library.
DebugLibName = "debug"
// ChannelLibName is the name of the channel Library.
ChannelLibName = "channel"
// CoroutineLibName is the name of the coroutine Library.
CoroutineLibName = "coroutine"
type luaLib struct {
libName string
libFunc LGFunction
var luaLibs = []luaLib{
luaLib{LoadLibName, OpenPackage},
luaLib{BaseLibName, OpenBase},
luaLib{TabLibName, OpenTable},
luaLib{IoLibName, OpenIo},
luaLib{OsLibName, OpenOs},
luaLib{StringLibName, OpenString},
luaLib{MathLibName, OpenMath},
luaLib{DebugLibName, OpenDebug},
luaLib{ChannelLibName, OpenChannel},
luaLib{CoroutineLibName, OpenCoroutine},
// OpenLibs loads the built-in libraries. It is equivalent to running OpenLoad,
// then OpenBase, then iterating over the other OpenXXX functions in any order.
func (ls *LState) OpenLibs() {
// NB: Map iteration order in Go is deliberately randomised, so must open Load/Base
// prior to iterating.
for _, lib := range luaLibs {
ls.Call(1, 0)
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