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This project aims to surface travel patterns that might be hidden and shed new light on the relationship between people and places. Checkout the sample site generated from the spreadsheet at You can create and access your personal site at using localStorage.

alt text

Create your personal site

It's easy to create one. Follow the steps:

  1. Create a Google spreadsheet following the spreadsheet template

  2. Change the share permission to Anyone who has the link can view:
    Share > Advance > Change... > On - Anyone with the link > Save alt text

  3. Find the Google spreadsheet ID directly from your sheet url:
    alt text

  4. Go to and save your sheet ID to localStorage

  5. You can now access your personal site at

Please file issue or get in touch if there's any problem.


I've been keeping travel records in a Google Spreadsheet for many years, and this project has evolved over time. The current design enables me to reflect on my personal history and the relationship with different places I've lived, visited and left. Learn more about the design at

Special thanks to @liquidx and @jonobr1 for pointing me in the right direction, and friends who inspire and brainstorm ideas with me!