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Keep your Atom packages up to date.
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Build Status

Auto-Update-Packages for Atom

Keep your Atom packages up to date.



$ apm install auto-update-packages


Just sit tight. :)

auto-update-packages automatically checks for package updates every 6 hours by default. If any updates are available, it installs them and notifies you via OS X Notification Center.

Note that after the update you need to Reload (⌃⌥⌘L) to apply the updates to the opened Atom window.

If you're impatient, run Packages menu > Auto Update Packages > Update Now.


You can configure auto-update-packages either in the Settings view (Preferences... in Atom menu) or in ~/.atom/config.cson (Open Your Config in Atom menu):

Interval Minutes

  • Config Key Path: auto-update-packages.intervalMinutes
  • Default: 360 minutes (6 hours)
  • Minimum: 15 minutes

Specify an auto-update interval. If you specify a value less than 15, it will be handled as 15 internally.

Note that auto-update-packages does not adhere the value strictly. It has some margin around 5%.


Copyright (c) 2014 Yuji Nakayama

See the LICENSE.txt for details.

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