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A chat app with threaded messaging (WIP). Built with React, Node, and Socket.IO.
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This is a full-stack chat application with my design of threaded messages implemenmted (work in progress).

Frameworks and libraries: React, Node, MongoDB(mongojs), Socket.IO, styled-components.

Helpful Resources


  • Basic chat platform that can save and display messages and usernames
  • Displaying a thread (by adding an icon with unique color before all of its messages)
  • Replying to a thread (by clicking the thread icon of a message so that the icon copied to the input area)
  • Creating a thread (by clicking the empty space before a message so that thread icon is generated both before that thread and in the input area)
  • Deleting thread icon in the input area
  • Filtered view of a certain thread
  • Better thread icon (less color collision and use SVG)
  • Better CSS
  • Test and CI
  • Demo
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