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Advanced WSL Distribution Launcher / Installer


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Detailed documentation is here


  • Windows 10 1709 Fall Creators Update 64bit or later.
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux feature is enabled.

📦Install with Prebuilt Packages

You can see List on docs

Note: Exe filename is using to the instance name to register. If you rename it, you can register with a different name.

🔧Install with any rootfs

1. Download Launcher.exe

2. Rename it for distribution name to register.

(Ex:Rename to Arch.exe if you want to use "Arch" for the Instance name)

3. Put your rootfs.tar(.gz) in same directory as exe (Installation directory)

4. Run exe to install. This process may take a few minutes.

🔗Use as a Launcher for already installed distribution

1. Download Launcher.exe

2. Rename it for registerd instance name.

Please check the registered instance name of the distribution with wslconfig /l command. (Ex: If the instance name is "Ubuntu-20.04", rename Launcher.exe to Ubuntu-20.04.exe)

4. Run exe to Launch instance or configuration.

For details, please see the help. ({InstanceName}.exe --help)

Note: You can distribute your distribution including wsldl exe.

📝How-to-Use(for Installed Instance)

exe Usage

Usage :
    <no args>
      - Open a new shell with your default settings.

    run <command line>
      - Run the given command line in that distro. Inherit current directory.

    runp <command line (includes windows path)>
      - Run the path translated command line in that distro.

    config [setting [value]]
      - `--default-user <user>`: Set the default user for this distro to <user>
      - `--default-uid <uid>`: Set the default user uid for this distro to <uid>
      - `--append-path <on|off>`: Switch of Append Windows PATH to $PATH
      - `--mount-drive <on|off>`: Switch of Mount drives
      - `--default-term <default|wt|flute>`: Set default terminal window

    get [setting]
      - `--default-uid`: Get the default user uid in this distro
      - `--append-path`: Get on/off status of Append Windows PATH to $PATH
      - `--mount-drive`: Get on/off status of Mount drives
      - `--wsl-version`: Get WSL Version 1/2 for this distro
      - `--default-term`: Get Default Terminal for this distro launcher
      - `--lxguid`: Get WSL GUID key for this distro

    backup [contents]
      - `--tgz`: Output backup.tar.gz to the current directory using tar command
      - `--reg`: Output settings registry file to the current directory

      - Uninstall the distro.

      - Print this usage message.

Just Run exe

[root@PC-NAME user]#

Run with command line

>{InstanceName}.exe run uname -r

Run with command line with path translation

>{InstanceName}.exe runp echo C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe

Change Default User(id command required)

>{InstanceName}.exe config --default-user user

[user@PC-NAME dir]$

Set "Windows Terminal" as default terminal

>{InstanceName}.exe config --default-term wt

How to uninstall instance

>{InstanceName}.exe clean


Please see



Copyright (c) 2017-2020 yuk7