This plugin modify php code to the WordPress style.
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This plugin works to modify code to the WordPress style, also find the hooks of registering/calling in files.


├Sublime Text 2
            ├── Default\ (Linux).sublime-keymap
            ├── Default\ (OSX).sublime-keymap
            ├── Default\ (Windows).sublime-keymap

How to use

  1. The clone in the package folder

     $ cd /path/to/Sublime Text 2/Packages
     $ git clone
  2. Execution from the Command Palette.

     WPStyle: Apply style to selection or all

    Applied to the selection. If not selected regions, apply to whole of the current file.


     WPStyle: Find Hook Call in Files...
     WPStyle: Find Hook Registering in Files...

    Run the "Find in Files ..." with a regexp to find a hook.


if (have_posts()) while (have_posts()) the_post();

changes after...

if ( have_posts() ) while ( have_posts() ) the_post();