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DBIx::Custom Documents

DBIx::Custom is a DBI extended class to execute insert, update, delete, and select statement easily. DBIx::Custom has many useful features. Compared to other O/R mapper modules, it is easy to learn, because DBIx::Custom has many SQL-like syntax.

This is an example.

  use DBIx::Custom;
  # Connect to database
  my $dbi = DBIx::Custom->connect(dsn => $dsn);
  # Insert
  $dbi->insert({id => 1, title => 'Perl'}, table => 'book');
  # Update
  $dbi->update({title => 'Perl'}, table => 'book', where => {id => 1});
  # Delete
  $dbi->delete(table => 'book', where => {id => 1});
  # Select
  my $rows = $dbi->select(table => 'book')->all;


DBIx::Custom have the following features.

  • Execute insert, update, delete, or select statement easily
  • Create where clause flexibly
  • Named place holder support
  • Model support
  • Connection manager support
  • Choice your favorite relational database management system, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, DB2 or anything,
  • Filtering by data type or column name
  • Create order by clause flexibly
  • Fast multiple data insert support
  • Bulk insert support (MySQL, PostgreSQL)

If you search O/R mapper like Ruby's ActiveRecord or think DBIx::Custom is very complex or think DBIx::Simple don't have enough features, I recommend DBIx::Custom for you. DBIx::Custom also have SQL generation features like SQL::Abstruct. DBIx::Custom is not depended on specific RDBMS. you can use this module with any RDMBS.


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Query execution

Fetching rows

Where clause

Order by clause



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Connection manager




Generate SQL

Table and column information

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