Tool to make Mojolicious Development server "morbo" work well in Windows
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Tool to make Mojolicious Development server "morbo" work well in Windows




In Windows, Mojolicious development server morbo don't work well because worker process can't be receive parent TERM signal well.

For this reason, in windows, Web development is not fun and hard.

I hack Mojo::Server::Morbo in a simple way to make morbo work well in Windows.

How to use winmorbo?

Donwload winmorbo.bat

At first download winmorb.bat in your Mojolicious project directory.

Click winmorbo.bat on GitHub and click Raw button to download winmorbo.bat

Excecute winmorbo.bat

Execute the following command.

You don't specify .bat extension because this is windows batch file.

In this example, Mojolicious application is


If you the follwoing window, it is success.

C:\Users\kimot\labo>cmd /C perl -x -S winmorbo
Server available at

If you stop Mojolicious application, you can use Ctrl + C.


I see "Can't opendir(templates)" Error

This is Windows problem because Windows have Templates directory in user directory.

Mojolicious also use templates directory.

To resolve this problem, you create a directory, for example, labo.

cd C:\Users\kimot
mkdir labo
cd labo

Let's create in labo diretory.