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In this module, we personalize content based on AudienceType. In this page, we will explain what an AudienceType is and why it has been introduced.

What is an AudienceType

AudienceType is a collection of conditions. In other words, an AudienceType represents a segment of visitors (customer segment).

An example for such an AudienceType is the below:

  newcomer: true
  location: Japan

To say in more generally, the syntax of audience type is the below.

Name of Audience Type:
  Condition1: Args for condition 1
  Condition2: Args for condition 2

Conditions which are listed in are considered as AND conditions. So in the above example, NewComerFromJapan is who accesses from Japan AND new comer to our web site.

Where and how we define AudienceTypes

We manage audience types in configuration file. As written in the getting started guide, you can copy sscp/_config/audiencetype.yml.sample to your mysite directory, and you can define your own Audience Types. In this section, we explain the details of the yaml file by using the sample file as an example.

      NewComer: true
      Location: NewYork
      Device: Linux

In AudienceTypes part, Audience Types are listed with the syntax that we explained before.

Why did we introduce the AudienceType

If there is no AudienceType, you would have to add conditions each time you want to personalize content. In many use cases, you would personalize contents based on a segment of visitors. Thus we have introduced the AudienceType for reusing collections of conditions.