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### AudienceTypes (mysite/_config/audiencetype.yml)
-The module personalizes content based on AudienceTypes.
+The module personalizes content based on [AudienceTypes](
An AudienceType is a collection of conditions.
You can define AudienceTypes in YAML like this:
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+# AudienceType
+In this module, we personalized content based on AudienceType.
+In this page, we will explain what is AudienceType and why AudienceType is introduced.
+## What is AudienceType
+AudienceType is a collection of conditions.
+In other words, AudienceType represents a segment of visitors(customer segment).
+An example of AudienceType is the below.
+ newcomer: true
+ location: Japan
+## Why we introduce AudienceType
+When there is no AudienceType, you should add conditions each time, when you want to personalize content.
+In many use cases, you would personalize contents based on a segment of visitors.
+Thus we introduced AudienceType for reusing collections of conditions.

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