Machine learning powered Telegram Bot with only FOSS components for all of your weeaboo needs
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Kiririn is a natural language processing Telegram Bot with only FOSS components targeted for Weeaboos and Anime/Manga fans alike.

But, it's not just limited for that, Thanks to how flexible rasa is you can fork this bot and fit it to your own needs.

How to setup

  1. You need to setup a working environment where Rasa can run, our configuration uses MITIE and sk-learn because it's the fastest and most efficient one so far.
  2. Install the requirements by running pip install -r requirements.txt.
  3. Make a new configuration file based on the example and set the variables accordingly. You can start by running cp config.ini.example config.ini.
  4. Train the data by running ./run_kiririn train.
  5. (Optional) Test the models by running ./run_kiririn parse <text>.
  6. Start the bot by running ./run_kiririn start


We welcome contributions and Pull requests, here's a list of what you can do:

  1. Extend the data set with more examples.
  2. Suggest features on the issue tracker.
  3. Report bugs on the issue tracker.
  4. Do the issues yourself and submit a patch ;).


Kiririn is licensed under the OpenBSD modified ISC License. Feel free to fork it and fit it to your needs.