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Persona 5

Extracts and decompresses miscellaneous data used in Persona 5.


Function to extract packs of GLH-formatted data containing cutin images. (Data found in the cutin directory, with the extensions .000 and .001.)


Function to find and extract GLH-formatted data within the decrypted P5 EBOOT.

A bunch of miscellaneous functions for parsing, extracting, and decoding text stored in .bf, .bmd, .bin, .pak, and .pac files.

The translation table used to decode two-byte CP932-encoded text is located in The table is currently incomplete, missing mappings for ~100 byte-pairs used in the script (accounting for approximately 0.01% of the text), and some mappings may be incorrect.

Some .ftd files (contained in various pack files) store both strings and data with no obvious way to distinguish between the two. I did my best to cut out as much non-text data as possible, but there will still be a handful of files that contain junk.

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