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  _____                                    _____                       __
 / ___/__  ___  _______  __ _________ ___ / ___/__  ___  ___  ___ ____/ /_
/ /__/ _ \/ _ \/ __/ _ \/ // / __(_-</ -_) /__/ _ \/ _ \/ _ \/ -_) __/ __/
\___/\___/_//_/\__/\___/\_,_/_/ /___/\__/\___/\___/_//_/_//_/\__/\__/\__/


| LEGAL                                                                    |

Copyright 2007-2012 Concursive Corporation

Concursive ConcourseConnect is free software: you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published
by the Free Software Foundation, version 3 of the License.

Under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License you must release the
complete source code for any application that uses any part of ConcourseConnect
(system header files and libraries used by the operating system are excluded).
These terms must be included in any work that has ConcourseConnect components.
If you are developing and distributing open source applications under the
GNU Affero General Public License, then you are free to use ConcourseConnect
under the GNU Affero General Public License.

If you are deploying a web site in which users interact with any portion of
ConcourseConnect over a network, the complete source code changes must be made
available.  For example, include a link to the source archive directly from
your web site.

For OEMs, ISVs, SIs and VARs who distribute ConcourseConnect with their
products, and do not license and distribute their source code under the GNU
Affero General Public License, Concursive provides a flexible commercial

To anyone in doubt, we recommend the commercial license. Our commercial license
is competitively priced and will eliminate any confusion about how
ConcourseConnect can be used and distributed.

ConcourseConnect is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU Affero General Public License for more

You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
along with ConcourseConnect.  If not, see <>.

Attribution Notice: ConcourseConnect is an Original Work of software created
by Concursive Corporation

| INTRODUCTION                                                             |

Welcome to ConcourseConnect!

The installation and configuration is intended to be as simple as possible.


If you are going to be developing ConcourseConnect, please make sure
to read the developer information at,
you can also find information about installing, configuring, and using
ConcourseConnect there.

ConcourseConnect includes and licenses many 3rd party libraries.
These are distributed with ConcourseConnect for convenience.
See below, in the "About this Software" section, for specific license

| INSTALLATION SUMMARY                                                     |

Stable versions of ConcourseConnect are deployed as a .war, and only
when all of the install and upgrade scripts have been thoroughly tested.
The developers include an automated installer and upgrader as a
precompiled .war file.  This .war includes end-of-cycle install and upgrade
scripts and is available at the web site.

Deploying from a .war file:

1. Install Java SDK
2. Install Apache Tomcat Web Application Server
3. Install PostgreSQL Database Server
4. Copy the connect.war file into Tomcat's webapp directory
5. Access the web app using a browser at "http://localhost:8080/connect"
6. Follow the web page instructions

For more detailed instructions, download the Setup Guide from:

| UPGRADE SUMMARY                                                          |

The developers have include an automated upgrader with the application.
BACKUP YOUR EXISTING connect database, connect.war and in the fileLibrary,
backup the file. If a problem occurs you can restore that

Upgrading from a .war file:

1. Stop Tomcat
2. Backup the database, existing connect.war and fileLibrary
3. Delete the contents of Tomcat's work/ directory
4. Delete the existing webapps/connect directory
5. Overwrite the existing connect.war with the new one
6. Start Tomcat
7. Review Tomcat's log files to watch the upgrade and to be alerted to any
   upgrade errors.  logs/catalina.out or logs/stdout.txt
8. Login and use the application!

For more detailed instructions, or to collaborate on your experience,

| SOURCE INSTALLATION                                                      |

Source versions of ConcourseConnect can be built using Apache Ant or
integrated into any Java IDE with embedded Tomcat container, bypassing the
included ant script altogether.

The following software is required to package and test ConcourseConnect:

  Java SE

  Apache Tomcat

  Apache Ant 1.8


Steps for packaging the source:

1. Copy the file to, be sure to
   edit the new file and update the specified file paths


2. Execute "ant package"

   ant package

3. Look in the "target/concourseconnect" directory for the .war file

| RUNNING IN AN IDE                                                        |

Developers are using Eclipse, NetBeans and IntelliJ with Tomcat.

For running tests in the IDE be sure to set the VM property:

Check the ConcourseConnect Wiki for more information.

| ABOUT THIS SOFTWARE                                                      |

ConcourseConnect licenses libraries and code from the following
projects, some are proprietary in which Concursive has been
granted a license to redistribute, some are Open Source and are used
according to the project license:

Project Name                      License
--------------------------------  -----------------------------------------
Ant-Contrib                       Apache Software License
Axis                              Apache Software License
Bean Shell                        Sun Public License
Bouncy Castle Crypto API          Bouncy Castle Open Source License
Castor                            Apache Software License v2.0
CivicSpace Labs DB                Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
EHCache                           Apache Software License v2.0
EZMorph                           Apache Software License v2.0
FreeMarker                        Visigoth Software Society BSD License
Google:maps                       Freeware
HTMLCleaner                       BSD
HTTPMultiPartParser               iSavvix Public License
iText                             LGPL
JFreeChart                        LGPL
Jakarta Collections               Apache Software License
Jakarta Commons                   Apache Software License
Jakarta Digester                  Apache Software License
Jakarta JRCS                      Apache Software License
Jakarta Taglibs JSTL              Apache Software License
Jasper Reports                    LGPL
Java Activitation Framework       Sun License
Java Image Scaling                LGPL v3.0
Java Mail                         Sun License
Java Transaction API              Sun License
JHLabs                            Apache Software License v2.0
JSON-Lib                          Apache Software License v2.0
JSTL                              Sun License
jTDS Microsoft SQL Server Driver  LGPL
JUnit                             Common Public License 1.0
JUnit-addons                      JUnit-addons Software License 1.0
Log4J                             Apache Software License
Lucene                            Apache Software License
NekoHTML                          Apache style
OpenCSV                           Apache Software License v2.0
PackTag                           LGPL
Pluto                             Apache Software License v2.0
PDFBox                            BSD
POI                               Apache Software License
PostgreSQL JDBC Driver            BSD
PrettyTime                        LGPL v3.0
Quartz                            Apache Software License
ROME                              Apache Software License
TinyMCE                           LGPL
TMExtractors                      Apache style
Twitter4J                         BSD style
UnitPNGFix by Unit Interactive    Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
WSRP4j                            Apache Software License
Xerces                            Apache Software License
Ximian Icons                      LGPL
Yahoo User Interface (YUI)        BSD
ypSlideOutMenu                    Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license
Yusuke Kamiyamane Icons           Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license