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DEPRECATED: jquery-overlay is deprecated in favor of textoverlay project.

Simple Decorator for Textarea


How to Use


strategies MUST an Array of Object.

strategies = [strategy];

Each strategy MUST have match and css properties.

strategy = {
  match: matchObject,
  css: cssObject

matchObject MUST be a RegExp, a String or an Array of String. When it is a RegExp, it SHOULD include 'g' flag.

matchObject = 'abc';  // every 'abc' match
matchobject = ['a', 'b', 'c'];  // every 'a' 'b' and 'c' match
matchObject = /\B@\w+/g; // every words start with @ match

cssObject MUST be a Object. It controls the style of boxes which are put under the matching strings in the textarea.

cssObject = {
  'background-color': 'glay',
  'border': 'solid 1 #555'


  • Auto resizing textarea


Licensed under the MIT License