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Autocomplete for textarea elements
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Autocomplete for textarea elements.

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Distributed scripts are self-contained.

To require as npm package, textcomplete requires the following to run:


Textcomplete is easiest to use when installed with npm:

npm install --save textcomplete

Then you can load the module into your code with require call:

var { Textcomplete, Textarea } = require('textcomplete');

The Textarea object is a kind of editor class. An editor encapsulates an HTML element where users input text. The Textarea editor is an editor for textarea element.

You can find some additional editors at List of editors wiki.

The Textcomplete is the core object of textcomplete.

var editor = new Textarea(textareaElement);
var textcomplete = new Textcomplete(editor);

Register series of autocomplete strategies:

  // Emoji strategy
  match: /(^|\s):(\w+)$/,
  search: function (term, callback) {
    callback(emojies.filter(emoji => { return emoji.startsWith(term); }));
  replace: function (value) {
    return '$1:' + value + ': ';
}, {
  // Another strategy

Now, the textcomplete listens keyboard event on the editor and render autocomplete dropdown when one of the strategy matches to the inputted value.

Browser Support

Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Current Current 10+ Current Current


If your project is using npm, you can install textcomplete package by npm command:

npm install --save textcomplete

if not, you can download released packages from the release page which contain bundled scripts in dist directory.


To contribute to textcomplte, clone this repo locally and commit your code on a separate branch. Please write unit tests for your code, and run the linter before opening a pull-request:

npm test # run linter and all tests

You can find more detail in our contributing guide.


The MIT License

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