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Simple way to manage your todo list in AJAX style. Written in PHP and jQuery. Data stored in SQLite or MySQL database. Distributed under the GNU GPL License.

Originally developed by Max Pozdeev <> Forked by yourTinyTodo Team <>

Visit our Forum:


Demo Nightly Build: (latest development version)


  • Multiple lists
  • Task notes
  • Tags (and tag cloud)
  • Due dates (input format: y-m-d, m/d/y, d.m.y, m/d, d.m)
  • Priority (-1, 0, +1, +2)
  • Different sortings including sort by drag-and-drop
  • Search
  • Password protection
  • Smart syntax improves creation of tasks (usage: /priority/ Task /tags/)
  • Print-friendly CSS
  • Style for mobiles devices

Features comming with the next version:

  • MulitUser Support (3 UserGroups: Admin, Read/Write, Readonly)
  • Notifications
  • Comments per Task
  • Time Tracking