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day 003

move mouse horizontally to play with it
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three.js | shader


Luxuriant peach tree, flourish blossom, firm and squishy peaches, many many leaves.

learned today

Random section from the book of shaders.

Random function is an adding up result of sin

y = fract( sin( x ) * b );

By increasing b (a float number) dramatically, it will squeeze each sin wave to extremely small and thus create pseudo-random value in 1D.

To achieve random value in 2D, we use dot( ) to transform a two dimensional vector into a one dimensional floating point value.

 float random (vec2 st) {
    return fract(sin(dot(st.xy,

Using floor( ) to manipulate coordinate system, we can achieve grid/pixel like image.

    //st is the coordinate of the current pixel, it is a vec2
    st  * =  10.0; // Scale the coordinate system by 10
    vec2 ipos = floor(st);  // get the integer coords
    // Assign a random value based on the integer coord
    //or thinking about combining with camera feed, so we can achieve pixelized video
    vec3 color = vec3(random( ipos ));
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