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day 006

Practice around mouse controls over color converting
Move mouse across the diagonal line to convert the color.
project link

three.js | shader


Water ripples in belle’s eyes,Mountain her brows darkly dyes.

learned today

I skipped one day. Today is Jan 16 2017
Practice logic computation, e.g: use step( ) function to give a result of 0. and 1. and thus control different sections

Practice zones control

//  Scale the coordinate system by 2x2
  _st *= 2.0;

  //  Give each cell an index number
  //  according to its position
  float index = 0.0;    
  index += step(1., mod(_st.x,2.0));
  index += step(1., mod(_st.y,2.0))*2.0;

  //      |
  //  2   |   3
  //      |
  //      |
  //  0   |   1
  //      |

key code for today's code

  st *= 2.0;
    vec2 mouse = u_mouse;
    float mouseSec = floor(mouse.x/mouse.y);
    float index = 0.0;
  	index += step(1., mod(st.x,2.0));
   	index += step(1., mod(st.y,2.0))*2.0;
    //from 0.~1. to -1.~1.
    float mouseSec2=mouseSec*2.-1.;
    float over1 = 1.*mouseSec-mouseSec2*step(2.,index);
float returning = 0.0;
//this step is important, it preserve the original coordinate system in each cell
st = fract(st);
returning =shape(st,radius)-shape(st,radius-width)*over1;

return returning;
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