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day 007

Move mouse to slightly change the color and movement.
[project link](

three.js | shader


Lotus sheds, sea melts into sky, and water waving around the rising sunset.

learned today

Jan 19th 2017
Cellular Noise Section in the book of shaders

for loop method in shaders

Voronoi diagram

for loop does not go well with shader, so we can "subdivide the space into cells, each one with one unique point to watch", we will also need to check for the distances to the points on the neighboring cells, thus we have 9 positions to check for each pixel.

 // Scale
   st *= 3.;

// Tile the space vec2 i_st = floor(st); vec2 f_st = fract(st);

float m_dist = 1.; // minimun distance

for (int y= -1; y <= 1; y++) { for (int x= -1; x <= 1; x++) { // Neighbor place in the grid vec2 neighbor = vec2(float(x),float(y));

       // Random position from current + neighbor place in the grid
       vec2 point = random2(i_st + neighbor);
       // Vector between the pixel and the point
                   vec2 diff = neighbor + point - f_st;

                   // Distance to the point
                   float dist = length(diff);

                   // Keep the closer distance
                   m_dist = min(m_dist, dist);

           // Draw the min distance (distance field)
           color += m_dist;

           // Draw cell center
           color += 1.-step(.02, m_dist);

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