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day 012

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three.js, GLSL


A supple blossom, coupled with utter elation
## learned today Feb 12th 2017

Practicing shaping, textiles and rotating function in GLSL language after the shader studio class by Patricio Gonzalez Vivo

Main Functions in this code

  • play around with fracting the coordinate to get grids
  • play around with translation and rotation by manipulating the st_f coordinate
  • play around with time control, so the color gets a full change in one cycle of the sin section

float t = u_time * 2. * PI;
st_f = (mod(floor(t*.2),2.)* mod(st_i.y,2.)* rotate(vec2(st_f.x+0.25,st_f.y-0.5),-PI/4.)+mod(ceil(t*.2),2.)* mod(st_i.x,2.)* rotate(vec2(st_f.x-.5,st_f.y+.25),PI/4.));
float change = .3 * sin(t);
vec3 color = vec3(0.935*(1.-sin(2.* t)* .3),0.263*(1.-sin(2.* t)* .3),0.652*(1.-sin(2.* t)* .3));
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