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day 015

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three.js, GLSL


The tension is palpable.
Our hearts best steadily for now
But are our minds at ease?

learned today

Mar 27th 2017

Found the relationship in the array data structure in three js geometry object.

var positions = new Float32Array(vertices.length * 3);
var colors = new Float32Array(vertices.length * 3);
var sizes = new Float32Array(vertices.length);

Main Code I use in this code

  • In the loop function, using gap to iterate through the particles in series.

var gap = 100;
for (var i = 0; i < attributes.size.array.length; i++) {
    if (i >= counter * gap && i <= (counter + 1) * gap) {
        attributes.size.array[i] = PARTICLE_SIZE * 2.1;
        attributes.size.needsUpdate = true;
      attributes.size.array[i] = PARTICLE_SIZE * 0.5;
      attributes.size.needsUpdate = true;

  • Using javaScript concat() method with BoxGeometry in three js, creating multiple layers of points.

var vertices = geometry1.vertices.concat(geometry2.vertices.concat(geometry3.vertices));
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