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Redis Munin

A set of munin scripts to monitor redis


  1. copy the file in /usr/share/munin/plugins/
  2. make a link with the parameters you want in /etc/munin/plugins/

    ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/redis_memory_ /etc/munin/plugins/redis_memory_127_0_0_1_6379



The parameters are in the filename in the format _IP_PORT, where IP is the 4 part ipv4 separated by '_'.

Valid link name

Note the ending '_' when no ip or port:

  • redis_command_
  • redis_command_1_2_3_4_
  • redis_command_1_2_3_4_port

ip will default to

port will default to 6379


  • redis_change_since_last_save_

    Number of changes since last save

  • redis_databases_

    List all DBs with number of keys and expire

  • redis_memory_

    Used memory

  • redis_total_commands_

    Total commands

  • redis_total_connections_

    Total connections

  • redis_users_

    Current clients

  • resque_failed_

    COUNTER for failures

    Need resque-web

    TODO use driver or netcat or telnet

  • resque_workers_

    % of working workers

    Need resque-web

    TODO use driver or netcat or telnet

  • resque_queues_

    COUNTER for in / out jobs per queue. This ones needs some hooks to create the stats:

    def self.after_enqueue(*job_args)
        Resque::Stat.incr(@queue.to_s + ":pushed")
    def self.after_perform(*job_args)
        Resque::Stat.incr(@queue.to_s + ":finished")


  • added keyspace hit/miss statistics (** Christian Parpart **)
  • fixed redis_databases_ labels (thanks japerk)
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