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Collection of Julia (Julia Lang) Examples
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Julia 示例

本站是 Julia By Example 的中文翻译站点,并保持更新。

欢迎使用Julia语言的中文用户向Julia By Example提交新例子,或参与到本站的翻译中。


Julia By Example

Hosted at

Unofficial collection of Julia (Julia Lang) Examples, created by Samuel Colvin.

Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for technical computing.

Because Julia is so young there are reletively limited resources to help you get started with it. This site contains a series of simple examples of Julia performing common tasks like printing to stdout, reading from stdin, reading files, declaring functions, plotting etc. etc. It also replicates all the examples from the Julia source code with some explanation.

These examples are tested with the latest version of Julia 0.3 and the sources examples come from the head of the master branch of Julia.

Other useful resources for working with Julia including:

I am not an expert in Julia and this is a work in progress: there are almost certainly mistakes in, and obvious omissions from the examples. All files are hosted on GitHub: If you spot a problem Create an issue if you have a fix for a problem or want to add to the examples Submit a pull request.

The site can be build using python _gen_site/

Feel free to use all and any of the examples for whatever you wish, licensed under the MIT

© Samuel Colvin 2014


  • multithreading
  • tasks
  • elseif, inline elseif (bool ? istrue : isfalse), inline if (bool && iftrue)
  • key word arguments, perameterization
  • include seperate file
  • complex numbers
  • eval, eval, macros, metaprogramming
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