(Completed). Program to learn user's profile from different source and predict the user's interest group.
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Interest Predictor

A machine learning program to predict user's interest based on 3 social media sources:

- LinkedIn
- Facebook
- Twitter

The interests are scoped to 20 interest:

- reading
- investing
- advertising
- social media
- design
- branding
- photography
- web development
- web design
- philosophy
- business development
- sailing
- software development
- skiing
- marketing
- internet marketing
- online marketing
- advertising
- social networking
- sailing
- branding

The system includes topic modelling using LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) and SVM (Support Vector Machine) as its classifier.

Steps to import and run project:

  1. Import the root directory of this repository into your own Eclipse IDE
  2. If the external JARs dependencies are not resolved automatically, add the following JARs as external JARs:
    • javax.json-1.0.4.jar
    • javax.json-api-1.0.jar
    • Jama-1.0.3.jar
    • jsoup-1.8.3.jar
    • libsvm.jar
  3. Clone InterestPredictorData repository and copy the content into the root directory of this repository
  4. Run the code from eclipse