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OSX PushToTalk

OSX PushToTalk mutes and unmutes the microphone via a keypress. This globally works for multiple video conference solutions (Google meet, Zoom, Skype, etc).

usage animation


  • Hold a hotkey (default to Right-⌥) to unmute and release to mute
  • Double tap the hotkey to disable the app. It will unmute until the hotkey is pressed again
  • Configurable hotkey
  • Configurable device
  • Tested with Mojave & Catalina

The icon indicator will become red mic if the microphone is live (NOT muted).


If you run into issues when installing, ensure you have opened XCode at least once and installed the "additional required components."


$ brew install yulrizka/tap/pushtotalk


$ brew tap yulrizka/tap # to update the tap repo
$ brew install pushtotalk

Read the Caveats

==> Caveats
The application was only built in "/usr/local/opt/pushtotalk/"

To make it available in the Application folder, create a symlink with:

    ln -s "/usr/local/opt/pushtotalk/" "/Applications/"

Build from source

$ git clone
$ cd osx-push-to-talk
$ xcodebuild -target "PushToTalk" -configuration Release

This requires you to have Xcode installed. Once The building process is finished, you will have the application in build/Release/ folder. Move the to Applications directory.


The app is from an unidentified developer

The main reason the app is not signed is due to the costly yearly subscription of the Apple developer program. I do not obtain it my self since I am not mainly an Apple developer.

To enable an exception for this app, follow

If you want to be sure, just compile the project, Archive & export


Delete in Applications directory