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RAL Neo-Forum

Textboard from a future society.

Executive Summary

RAL is a text-only message board / forum. It provides a totally anonymous discussion space on the internet; RAL is a new type of discussion space called a neo-forum.

If you are curious what RAL feels like check out the site.

First, you may notice that there are a number of different boards which have a single focus. These boards are called continuities because unlinke boards, posts are never archived and threads are never locked. Thus, conversation is continuous, leading to the name continuity. Only the admin may create or remove a new continuity using the administrator interface.

Each continuity has a number of topics created by users. These topics express thoughts and ideas and are expanded upon in the replies. Anyone may create a topic or a reply.

Installation / Dependencies

Refer to docs/ for the bloody details


Contributions are welcome! If you are interested in contributing, join #bigtown or send me an e-mail at Further reading is available in docs/


Modified BSD License (see docs/LICENSE)