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Hyper-V images releases for DietPi!

optimised • compatible • untouched

DietPi Website DietPi GitHub

VHDX images for DietPi, fully compatible with Microsoft Hyper-V.

Download Latest VHDX

Hyper-V Screenshot


DietPi is an extremely lightweight Debian-based OS. With images starting at 400MB, that's 3x lighter than "Raspbian Lite". It is highly optimized for minimal CPU and RAM resource usage, ensuring your SBC always runs at its maximum potential. The programs use lightweight Whiptail menus. You'll spend less time staring at the command line, and more time enjoying DietPi.

DietPi makes self-hosting incredibly easy and straightforward, making it a superb candidate for running as a virtualised server image in home labs.

The DietPi.Hyper-V project aims to release DietPi images that are compatible with Hyper-V with minimal modifications. This way, Hyper-V users can experience the true essence of DietPi: optimised, simplified, for everyone.


  • fully compatible with Microsoft Hyper-V
  • minimal modifications to the DietPi installation
  • optimised file size (~120-150MB when compressed!)
  • images are compressed, signed and released on GitHub


Release Date Hash
v7.00 2021-03-02 SHA256: 71B8EF57F62CA23B1D50421B5B031A652A5E98F597DA63307B7F45CC8585E4B1
v6.30 2020-05-11 SHA256: 42D82FFC46483077D18183491D3057EAC3E98FD3EAFE5E4D9E9123D20F9143BF
v6.29.2 2020-05-04 SHA256: C8153DD8FD522CD20AD737E61B462E93C05D2DA8E953AE819B0FCCF365BC82DD
v6.28 2020-01-06 SHA256: ECE74E8DCAD0915BB842214F45D0B71F0A92BF4D1A634ECB7D9707843DF82EE6
v6.26.3 2019-10-21 SHA256: AA8C0AF30C4B4EB8FC174B1E4D15A1789EB6AF2373A04BC1F8BB9435AD5130EE
v6.25.3 2019-07-08 SHA256: 04A7BD4261E08D84EB6DA0E96F95718690C435FDE0ED9831E36A71E29CA1BBBE
v6.24 2019-05-16 SHA256: C7EB2957ADF9480D6B24B97DCC303B21F2EC3C1314F696C67899790EAF604DF9
v6.23 2019-05-13 SHA256: D52463AE3CC8671A0521EFC6AE8D2383CE6DB6D5452BEA8264E919780D4FFAAF
v6.22-rev02 2019-03-26 SHA256: D670890B1C9DEC7C48E70BA6516A31FB73720FA7BDC863F2DD709DDC93DE3359
v6.22 2019-03-24 SHA256: CD0D43D7E799387278E5865E9C9237E8CFFCBF5C418D061DBD4E67B1E437266E
v6.20 2019-01-31 SHA256: 0D0267701B1D894DB4513F4C3A6C7D04D981CC77661C413B7DAC13424A9AB783


This project is NOT officially supported by the DietPi team, nor is the team affiliated with it. This is a spin-off project which aims to formally support Hyper-V as a hypervisor for running DietPi.

Please rely on this project's issues page for errors/bugs directly related to Hyper-V, and the official DietPi GitHub or forums for DietPi-specific issues. If uncertain, report the issues here. Any issues that are related to DietPi itself will be relayed to the official team.


  • DietPi
    • Project lead: Micha (MichaIng)
    • Founder: Daniel Knight (Fourdee)
  • Hyper-V: Microsoft Corporation