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An extension for Thunderbird 3.0+ that allows you to view threads as "real" conversations, including your own emails. This extension also adds a bunch of useful UI features in the conversation view. Get a pre-built binary at the link below.
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Thunderbird Conversations

This extension improves the threaded summary for emails in Thunderbird 3.0. It vastly improves the UI by including some ideas from GMail. More specifically:

  • your own messages are displayed in the thread,
  • you initially see summaries, they can be expanded to display full messages,
  • quoted sections are collapsed à la GMail,
  • fast links for replying (and possibly other useful actions),
  • you can reply inline (through a "quick reply" feature),
  • integration with Thunderbird Contacts.

For screenshots and a stable version, please head to AMO which should provide you with a ready-to-install package.

If you want to leave some feedback, we have a thread on Google Groups.


If you just want to start hacking, see MDC to learn how to use a proxy file. If you want to package a release, ./ will package a .xpi file. ./ is for my personal use.


This repo contains a git submodule. To make sure you've checked out all the files, make sure you run:

git submodule init
git submodule update

before you start hacking.

You also need to have your source folder named ; this is a temporary hack that will go away once we stop supporting Thunderbird 3.3.

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